Highlights of the year so far.

5DD75DB4-4001-4875-AC01-200C4EDD26BBSo far in year four we have been busy sticking, cutting, reading and of course loads of other fun things.We have been studying the ancient Egyptians, our costumes were amazing. Here are some highlights we would like to share with you.

As you can see we are having a fantastic time let’s hope after Christmas we have loads of surprises in store for the rest of the year.



On Tuesday 6th June, Years 3 and 4 spent a damp but fun day at Go-Ape! Some of us were a little nervous about going up so high but we were soon all up in the trees. There were also loads of other activities to do there, including the Gruffalo trail.

Spiderwick Chronicles


Last week, we used the maps of our Spiderwick stories to explain to each other what our individual story would be about.

This week, we have been writing the continuing adventures of the Grace children. We have edited our work and started our final drafts.

We have really enjoyed the Spiderwick Chronicles.

Outdoor Maths

Year 4 were a little confused first thing Tuesday morning, as Mrs Burge asked them to put their bags down while they were lined up – Mr Manby looked confused too!

Everything became clear when Mrs Burge explained we were going to do some maths outside. First we walked round the perimeter of the playground. Then we did some practical perimeter and area maths using different grids on the play ground.

We enjoyed working outside the classroom and it helped our perimeter and area work in class.